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Gutter Guards! Should you or shouldn't you?

We are often asked by Customers whether or not we would recommend installing Gutter Guards once the gutters of their homes have been cleared, especially if their homes are prone to blocked gutters.  Well, the theory of them is good: you cover the gutters with a strong plastic mesh, fix it into place so that the wind cant blow it out and...Voila! Nothing will get through so there is no chance of the gutters blocking. Right?! 


Wrong!! We have attended various properties over the years to carry out a gutter clear, only to find that the weeds, mud and moss that is causing the blockage is underneath the mesh, which, if it is fitted correctly, is quite difficult to remove from the ground.  We then have to dig out the ladders, climb up to gutter level and carefully remove them before we carry out the clear.  This can be expensive for the Customer for two reasons; first they have spent money on buying and installing the useless guards, and second it costs the Customer for us to remove them.


There is another product available called Hedgehog Gutter Guard, which seems to do a better job than mesh. But we have been told that even this isn't maintenance free, as apparently it has to be removed occasionally and given a good shake because the detritus gets stuck to the bristles. So, chances are, you would still have to climb those ladders to access it, and it is still difficult to install over a conservatory or hard to reach area of guttering.


So, should you install gutters guards? I know what I would recommend...

Having your gutters cleared out annually/Bi-annually depending on your surroundings will keep your gutters flowing freely and it really isn’t very expensive. 


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