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Gutter talk – let’s keep it clean!

Ok, they’re not the nicest things to discuss, but these little bits of plastic around your roof play a huge role in keeping your house safe.  And if you don’t look after them, they can cause you an expensive headache!

Rainwater in the wrong places can be incredibly damaging to a property – not only can your fascias, windows and door frames start to rot, a buildup of poorly drained water can cause slow but significant damage to the foundations of a house:  a major problem that can be easily avoided with a simple gutter clean!

Now, most people don’t like to (and shouldn’t for that matter!) scramble up ladders to pull out the dirt, leaves and strange growing objects out of their gutters.  Apart from anything, you’re seriously risking life and limb if you attempt this on a ladder.  Even the Hippo-professionals don’t do that!

Some people purchase leaf guards, which supposedly prevent the leaves from blocking the pipes – but in our experience, these still don’t stop the need for at least an annual clear out.

One of the great bits of kit we have is a telescopic ‘gutter-cam’, which we use to peer over the edge of the gutter and see what kind of debris we are dealing with (and check we’re not about to hoover up any baby birds!).  Then our powerful suction vacs clear out the gutters, and remove any blockages from the downpipes.  It’s important to do the downpipes too, as it stops build up of debris inside the pipes, which can cause even more problems further down the line.

Our recommendation would be to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year as a preventative measure – but if you notice any random leakages or blockages in the meantime, don’t leave it until it’s too late to call in the experts. (that’s us, the Hippoperatives, in case you were wondering!)

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