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Gutters need clearing? Don’t do it yourself!

Ladders are risky at the best of times, even when used by a trained professional.  Depending on the work height and the task being performed, injuries from falling from a ladder range all the way from a twisted ankle to death.

According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics, just over a quarter of the entire number of workers killed at work last year (2015-16), were as a result of a fall from height. A staggering 37,000 cases of non-fatal injuries in the workplace were reported as being a direct result of a fall from height.  These are people at work, who, we can assume, were trained to work at height.  So for the unqualified DIY enthusiast, the statistics for injuries as a result of ladder falls make even scarier reading.

Clearing gutters is one of the most common reasons people take to their ladders – there aren’t many ways to do the job yourself, without physically getting up there and clearing the debris away.  The only way to do it safely is with the telescopic pole technology that vacuums the debris and uses cameras to check the situation, whilst the operative stays firmly on the ground. Hippo Cleaning has already invested in this technology – so the safest way to get the job done is to get the Hippo-professionals to do it for you!

If you injure yourself falling off a ladder, you’re looking at an average of 9.4 days off work to recover.  If we take the average UK salary (£27,500), this equates to lost earnings of £994!  Hippo Cleaning’s gutter clearing service costs from just £55, with no life-threatening risk attached; so if it’s time to clean your gutters, our advice is to leave your ladder in the garage and give Hippo Cleaning a call instead!

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