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Kerb appeal exapme of front of house

Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal

Get kerb appeal from Hippo cleaning... It doesn't work for books, but it does for houses – judging them by their façade, or their first appearance. A property's outer appearance, its kerb appeal, is often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying a home. It takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a house. Imagine if the garden was over run with brambles and there was rubbish blocking the pathway. First impressions count for a lot; a bad appearance can do a lot of damage.

Unfortunately improving the kerb appeal of a house is unlikely to add much to its value but if you can get someone in a positive frame of mind before they've stepped through the front door it can help sell to it.

Improving the appearance of your property doesn't necessarily have to be expensive; at Hippo Cleaning we have helped to improve the appearance of customers homes for over 7 years. Customers who noticed overflowing gutters when potential buyers are due and that shining gutters and fascias would help to impress these all important visitors.

Potential Buyers

The conservatory that is covered in green moss and algae won't let in as much light as it could, and if the patio, path or decking is dirty it won't look as inviting as it would if it were looking brand new.

If potential buyers are looking at the surface of their next potential new home and can see it hasn't been looked after then they may be worried about what hasn't been looked after that they cannot see.

We can put all, or some of these things right for you and it really may not be as expensive as you think, who knows, it may just help to give your home the edge… We can also provide end of tenancy interior cleans for landlords or tenants at very competitive rates.

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Fascias and Soffitss
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